With this, free to download and use, typeface, I hereby pledge :

The Steretypeface Project        

Stereotypes exist everywhere, they are passed down over generations by society, and consciously or unconsciously, we have learned to stereotype. Instead of embracing and celebrating what makes us unique, we stand divided because of these stereotypes!

The Stereotypeface Project is an initiative by The Better India that challenges 26 stereotypes that continue to be practiced even today, showcasing them through 26 alphabets from the English language. Click on the blocks below to know more.


How to Support

If you have been discriminated against, or feel strongly about any of these stereotypes, raise your voice & support the campaign. Download the letter / stereotype that you want to put an end to and share it on social media!

We’ve unconsciously learned to stereotype, now let’s consciously unstereotype, one letter at a time #EndTheStereotype.

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Examining Novels for Gender Bias https://t.co/GvFMR41nxp Great resource especially for male teachers in @AVRCE_NS @AVRCE_LITERACY #endthestereotype #speakupforwomen #speakupforgirls

- @Mrs.AdamsAVRCE

@jackwerew Women are not different based on their tribe. Help me here, whoever who is reading this, let us end tribalism Kenya #endthestereotype is our hashtag, let us stop these guys who make us hate each other

- Maestro

Every step forward is a Win! #CSA #SA #JusticeReform #EndTheStereotype #SeeTheAbility https://t.co/7eWIvyKhAe

- Hope, Health, and Happiness

When both genders go through the same amount of education, when both genders are equipped with talents and skills, BOTH are EQUALLY valuable and important on workplaces. Why are women still being paid lesser than the pay of men? #EndTheStereotype #Equat

- We.Are.Equal

Who wants to see a #Kanndiga win Olympics, possibly break the record of Usain bolt? #SiddiCommunity #EndTheStereotype Bengaluru Man Helps Karnataka’s Siddi Tribe Smash Stigma with Sports! https://t.co/xjhcXAYleh

- Turka_Vani

Great Nigerian Youth In Ghana The future is no longer in our heads, it is now in our HANDS. TIME to fight for a better future for our children.. #EndTheStereotype #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera #NewNigeria #EndBadGoveranceInNigeria

- Uche Cynthia Onuorah