With this, free to download and use, typeface, I hereby pledge :

The Steretypeface Project        

Stereotypes exist everywhere, they are passed down over generations by society, and consciously or unconsciously, we have learned to stereotype. Instead of embracing and celebrating what makes us unique, we stand divided because of these stereotypes!

The Stereotypeface Project is an initiative by The Better India that challenges 26 stereotypes that continue to be practiced even today, showcasing them through 26 alphabets from the English language. Click on the blocks below to know more.


How to Support

If you have been discriminated against, or feel strongly about any of these stereotypes, raise your voice & support the campaign. Download the letter / stereotype that you want to put an end to and share it on social media!

We’ve unconsciously learned to stereotype, now let’s consciously unstereotype, one letter at a time #EndTheStereotype.

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@MochaRacc #EndTheStereotype

- #BlackLivesMatter #ACAB #EndPoliceBrutality

#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #endthestigma #endthestereotype #besupportive #bekindtoothers #helpeachother #bethechange #empathize #spreadpositivity #endthenegativity #beliefinyourself #loveyourself💕 #stopthehate @dr_samirparikh @niishthabakshi

- Rethink Mental Illness

@johnpavlovitz Just sad that this STILL continues, we ALL bleed the same color, who cares if we have different skin color. I’m so ashamed of my white race it’s not funny. #endthestereotype #Godmadeusallequal

- iamSusanElizabeth

sick of the untrue stereotyping immigrants are subjected to daily!! get educated before you speak, immigrants actually stimulate the economy and provide jobs. #thatsthetea #endthestereotype

- ella sophie

This. #ReviseTheNarrative #EndTheStereoType https://t.co/YrqfRVrvD5

- Dahna M. Chandler, MPS

“Ngano naghilak mn ka? Ayaw hilak oy, lalaki mn ka.” WE. ARE. HUMAN. #EndTheStereotype

- Pj